Quick News – Spring 2008

28 -02-08 Apologies for the long delay in updating the site. Lots of updates coming soon….heres some of the stories coming up soon:

Cars nearly ready – with a few new improvements, I’ve won and award for racing and have a new sponsor to announce! 🙂


Only three days before we head off racing again and I can’t wait. This time its off down to Dover! It will only take four or five hours this year thanks to the lorry’s new Christmas present (see my 08 race reports if you don’t know what I’m on about) Last year it took six hours each way!

With two twenty minute races on the Saturday and two 30 minute races on Sunday afternoon the marathon sessions this year should be in the car not the truck! Having started my racing career (if you can call it that) in endurance karts I love the longer races…and at Lydden there is do danger of big gaps opening up, its short enough I should always find other cars to play with even if they are lapping me or I’m lapping them (wishful thinking 🙂 maybe…)

Gary and I have made a few mods to the car including a newly designed throttle pedal. At Snetterton keeping the pedal to the metal resulted in a very sore leg and a bruised foot. (It was a long reach and I was pressing far too hard in a bid to make the car go faster). This time I should be able to get my foot down much easier!

I’ll update you very soon as to how it all goes 🙂

Talk soon


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