The 2007 Season

So what’s new, well…The cars been prepped, engine refreshed, the shocks and all the suspension has been off, serviced and put back on, I’ve got a new gear stick, a number plate and some new warning lights to fit with this years regs…oh yeah and I’ve swapped my trailer for a Lorry!

I got a bit carried away on eBay over the winter and bought myself a sixteen year old race transporter. It was a real bargin and even came with a spare engine (the last one it blew up)! OK, its probably not the poshest lorry ever but (fingers crossed) after a bit of TLC it now runs well and I think it’s going to be good!

Any way with out further ado here are my race dates and as we go through the season results for 2007.

2007 results table

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