Waiting for the new season to start always makes time behave very oddly. One minute the new season is months away and your are planning how many things will be different for the season ahead. You've got months which will allow a new fitness regime,  you can redesign half the car and do all the maintenance and the next minute the season is a couple of weeks away and you only have two weekends to finish everything! 2008 was no different and the car started the year with everything mechanical that needed doing, a driver that was 4kg lighter (sadly not more) but very odd looking wheels! I ran out of time to paint them before Snetterton!

Here's the Race Schedule for this year. (I'll keep adding results as we go)

Race 1 – Snetterton – 15th of March (Sat)    - Started: 23rd   Finished:19th / 29

Race 2 – Lydden Hill – 5th of April (Sat)       Heat - Started: 21st  Finished: 16th / 24
                                                                              Final - DNS
Race 3 – Lydden Hill – 6th of April (Sun)      Heat - Started: 22nd  Finished: 15th / 24
                                                                              Final - Started: 23rd   Finished:17th / 24

Race 4 – Cadwell Park – 10th of May (Sat)  Heat - Started: 15th  Finished: DNF
                                                                              Final - DNQ
Race 5 – Cadwell Park – 11th of May (Sun) Heat - Started: 18th    Finished: 15th / 28
                                                                              Final - Started: 23rd   Finished:23rd / 28

Race 6 – Anglesey – 8th of June (Sun)         Started: 21st   Finished:21st / 28
Race 7 – Anglesey – also 8th of June (Sun) Started: 22nd   Finished:20th / 28

Race 8 – Brands Hatch – 21st of June (Sat) Qualified 31st  Was:18th before DNF on lap3!

Race 9 – Brands Hatch – 22nd of June (Sun)    DNS
Race 10 – Donington – 19th of July (Sat)            DNS
Race 11 – Silverstone – 24th of August (Sun)   DNS

Race 12 - Snetterton – 28th of September (Sun)
Race 13 – Snetterton – also 28th of Sep (Sun)

Race 14 – Mallory Park – 12th of October

Thanks for following my season this year. I look forward to seeing you at some of the races